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Our Expertise

Our comprehensive range of services and solutions means we can guarantee success for every company we advise, no matter the size or industry. Learn more about our areas of expertise below.

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What is a Digital Audit?

To determine the strength of your online presence, it is important to assess how effective your current online efforts are.

A digital audit is an assessment of your business’s online presence centered around six key areas:

Reach, Engagement, Content, Conversion, Integration and Structure.

Please note that each digital audit is customized specifically for you and your business. We’ll be in touch as soon as your audit is ready.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is all about flexibility. Here at BYB Media, we specialize in optimizing your website and making it not only aesthetically pleasing, but interactive, practical, and compatible with mobile optimization. 

Brand Storytelling
Social Media Management

Being active on social media in todays world is highly important to your business. Social media is where you are able to connect and reach your customers and engage with them. It is what people are on for 7 hours a day on average, there phones. If you are not on social media, you are missing out on tons of customers. With our team, we specifically campaign and advertise to your specific target market and convert customer clicks into loyal customer buyers. 

We understand the importance of separating your company from others. There is no better way than turning your business from a company to a brand story. With our experts in brand story telling, we share your story, your passion, your heart and soul of what drove you to start your business and relate your story with your customers. This allows for your customers to feel attached to something greater than just your business, but a brand that aligns with their values. They become proud to shop at your store and support your dream of being a business owner. 

E-mail Marketing

Even in todays modern world with so many different ways to reach people through social media, email marketing is still one of the most important pieces of running a successful business. Here at BYB Media, we believe that developing an email list is the blood line to your business. With our email marketing techniques, we will get you a highly functional and automated email marketing campaign to continue to increase your email list and send out valuable content to your community of followers. 

SEO Rankings

In todays world, it is tough to always grab the attention of your customers. This is why, we use SEO rankings to attract customers to your website and funnel them to you so that you don't need to be chasing them. With Google Adwords, our land page and sales funnel techniques, and Facebook and Instagram advertising we are able to utilize attraction marketing for you business. 

Market Research/Biz Analytics

Business analytics and market research is timely, costly, and frankly not fun. Don't let your business suffer because of a lack of information or because you are in the wrong target market. Let us do this for you. With our team, we examine all the growing trends, outbreaks, and industry trends in your market. We are well prepared so that your advertising is working at its optimal condition, so that you don't waste your money.