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The Team

Connor Jean
Founder/ CEO

I’m Connor Jean and I am a very driven individual with a boiling passion for excellence. I am an eager entrepreneur who has seen success in the past by creating my own business at the age of 19. I have mentored and consulted with multiple businesses in the US and internationally. My experience in sales and marketing has allowed me to further my education and get into the digital, social media, and internet marketing industry. This industry is the way of the future. Being ahead of the curve and transitioning your business from the stone age to the new age of marketing where you can reach thousands and even millions of people all at the click of a button, for a third of the cost of traditional advertising is here.

With target specific marketing and through extensive data research done by myself, I apply techniques pioneered with over $20 million spent on proven marketing techniques that will grow your social presence and increase sales dramatically. I am a one stop shop that is experienced in every aspect of digital marketing; From SEO rankings to website development and design, to social media management and Facebook advertising, I am the one to get the job done.

I earned a bachelor of business administration from Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Los Angeles, majoring in Entrepreneurship, which is one of the top 15 programs in the nation voted by both U.S. News & World Report (#7) and the Princeton Review’s Entrepreneur Magazine (#14) in 2016.

I am now earning a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in Social Media and Internet Marketing from University Of West Georgia (#65). Their MBA program was ranked within Tier One of North American Universities in 2017 by CEO Magazine.  UWG prides themselves on preparing forward-thinking and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

What you can count on from me is my ability to get things done under pressure and my high level of focus and concentration. As a former division 1 athlete I know what it takes to be great at something. I understand all the long days and hours you put into perfecting your craft. I am here to make your life easier. With my continuous drive for improvement, talent for spotting market trends, combined with my business knowledge and creativity, this allows me to transition your business from a company into a brand.